13 August 2013
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Leading para-swimmers join the call for doping-free sport

Leading para-swimmers from the IPC Swimming World Championships joined the call for doping-free sport earlier today at a special WADA-IPC Say NO! to Doping Press Conference at the Parc Jean Drapeau Aquatic Complex in Montreal.

Alongside WADA Director General David Howman and IPC President Sir Philip Craven, renowned para-swimmers Jessica Long (USA), Andre Brasil (Brazil) and Valérie Grand’Maison (Canada) vocalized their support for doping-free sport in front of a full house of media.

Throughout the day, athletes demonstrated their commitment to clean, honest sport by wearing green Say NO! to Doping (SNTD) swimming caps and temporary tattoos displaying SNTD and IPC logos.

Jessica Long said: “I don't think I could feel well when I won a gold medal knowing that I have cheated. It's a fair game, we all want to play fair, we all want to race fair. So I think it is so important to have a day like this!”

Andre Brasil said: “The important thing for me is when I retire I will be able to look back and say I competed by playing fair and competing clean, so I will be able to be proud of myself.”

Valérie Grand’Maison said: “Above all, elite athletes started their pursuit of sport for fun. That spark should be what helps them achieve their best, and that spirit of sport brings all athletes together.”

Sir Philip Craven said: “What better place to reiterate our commitment to clean sport than at the biggest gathering of international swimmers since London 2012. The IPC fully supports WADA’s view that the long-term solution to preventing doping is through effective doping education programs that foster anti-doping behaviors and create a strong anti-doping culture. We are proud to be linking up with WADA to send the right message to the sporting world.”

David Howman said: “Through its Athlete Outreach Program and the Say NO! to Doping initiative that we promoted in Montreal today, WADA and its partners have been able to educate athletes and provide them with an opportunity to interact with anti-doping experts on a one-on-one basis. With the support of the IPC and CCES, this week’s IPC Swimming World Championships provided an ideal platform to communicate this campaign and its fair play message to hundreds of athletes from right across the swimming world.”