8 July 2013
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WADA’s Athlete Committee Meeting in Singapore Moves Code Draft Closer to Finalization

WADA’s Athlete Committee met in Singapore June 26-27 in conjunction with the IOC International Athletes’ Forum.

As with the Committee’s three previous meetings, the focal point of the agenda was the World Anti-Doping Code (Code) and fulfillment of its role in the Code Review Process.

Led by Acting Chair Beckie Scott, the Committee reviewed Code Draft Version 3.0, which is currently undergoing its last revision before final drafts are tabled at WADA’s Executive Committee in September.

The final draft of the Code will then be approved by WADA’S Foundation Board in Johannesburg at the 2013 World Conference on Doping in Sport, November 12-15.

“Throughout the Code Review Process, our discussions resulted in many comments and recommendations; in particular, the Committee was very firm in calling for stronger penalties for serious doping violations,” said Scott. “We were pleased to see that the Code Drafting Team made real efforts to integrate our recommendations.”

Effective communication of the forthcoming Code was also addressed, with members providing specific input to WADA on the depth and breadth of the information needed to facilitate understanding for ahtletes.

The Committee also met with IOC’s Athlete Commission to discuss ways to enhance collaboration and promote the voice of clean athletes.

”I would like to see more athletes becoming mobilized behind clean sport and making their voices heard,” Scott said. “My colleagues on this Committee are great role models for what can be done to promote clean sport. They have truly made a difference. Yet there is still so much more we, as athletes, can do.”

WADA’s Athlete Committee represents the views and rights of athletes who compete in sports that are signatories to the World Anti-Doping Code. It is the unified voice of clean athletes from these sports and encourages integrity and fairness in sport.