11 May 2013

WADA Statement on the prohibited substance IGF-1

WADA has carefully reviewed the issues surrounding the banned substance IGF-1 arising out of the Vijay Singh case and other inquiries.

IGF-1 is a prohibited substance and has been included on the Prohibited List for years. On the other hand, very small quantities of IGF-1 can be found naturally in animal products (e.g. colostrums, deer antler velvet).

WADA has referred this issue to the List Committee as part of the current List review process to assist WADA in further evaluating those circumstances under which these natural products should be considered as prohibited.

In the meantime, WADA repeats its warning that athletes who use these types of products do so at their own risk.

Further, athletes are advised that, like other supplements, these products may be adulterated or spiked with substances not disclosed on the product label.