8 February 2013
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WADA statement on Operation Puerto

WADA has been involved in Operation Puerto since 2006 when it was informed that the blood bags seized during the raids by Spanish police included those of athletes from several sports.

For the last seven years WADA has been encouraging the Spanish authorities to make all the evidence from Operation Puerto available to the anti-doping authorities so that the correct process can get underway to ascertain who was involved and what the proper outcomes should be in terms of anti-doping.

During this time, WADA has filed several requests to the investigating magistrate within the framework of the proceedings requesting access to the evidence.

This is why WADA is a party to the hearing that started in Madrid on January 28 and is represented at the hearing by its Spanish counsel. WADA also has been working closely on this case with the Spanish national anti-doping organizations Agencia Estadal Antidopage (AEA) and the Comisión de Control y Seguimiento para la Salud y el Dopaje (CSD).

The hearing is being conducted under Spanish criminal law covering the illicit administration of medication, and not under the anti-doping legislation that exists in Spain today but did not exist back in 2006.

WADA is unable to confirm at this stage whether or not the anti-doping authorities will be given access to the evidence collected during Operation Puerto, but remains hopeful that this information will be forthcoming.

Out of respect for the integrity of the legal proceedings of this case, WADA will refrain from commenting further until a decision has been delivered.