7 February 2013
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Statement from WADA President John Fahey in response to the Australian Crime Commission Report

“The report from the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) details yet another blow to the integrity and values of sport and highlights a number of serious concerns that WADA has been communicating for the past few years.

“WADA takes no satisfaction from reading such a report, but nor are we surprised at its content. Doping has cast a shadow over many sports and nations in the last few decades, and the ACC Report shows that Australian sport and Australian society have also been seriously affected.

“Unfortunately, this is another example of what can happen if there is insufficient recognition of the prevalence and dangers of doping, and when there continues to be a lack of appropriate resources dedicated to fighting it.

“For the last few years WADA has been alerting sport and governments as to the engagement of the criminal underworld in the supply and trafficking of performance enhancing substances, as is clearly evident from the ACC Report.

“WADA does not have the jurisdiction or the resources to deal with the underworld’s growing influence on sport, which also involves corruption, bribery and illegal gambling, and this report offers further proof of the need for a global organization dedicated to fighting this threat.

“As the ACC Report shows, science and analysis alone will not eradicate doping in sport - there needs to be greater focus on intelligence gathering and investigations, and collaboration between government authorities across the world.

“This was clear when the United States Anti-Doping Agency last year brought charges against Lance Armstrong case, and it has been highlighted again in the ACC Report.”