4 December 2012

Western Cape continues support for WADA

WADA has signed an agreement with the Western Cape Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport that guarantees continued support for WADA’s Regional Office in Africa.

The agreement was signed between the Western Cape Minister for Cultural Affairs and Sport, Dr. Ivan Meyer, and WADA Director General David Howman at a ceremony in Cape Town.

“Our partnership goes back to 2005 and today’s signing confirms our commitment to WADA’s aim to tackle doping in sport and spread the message of ethics and fair-play,” explained Dr. Meyer.

“Recent incidences of doping within sport highlight the importance of the work that WADA does. It also creates the opportunity for WADA to muster all its resources, strengthen partnerships and tackle the problem of doping with renewed vigour.”

As well as hosting WADA’s Africa Regional Office in Cape Town, South Africa will also host WADA’s World Conference on Doping in Sport in Johannesburg in November 2013.

“WADA could not have achieved the kind of successes in promoting anti-doping in the African region had it not been for our hosts here in South Africa. Their commitment, dedication and generosity are much appreciated and respected.” said Mr. Howman.

“As one of our Executive Committee Members representing Africa, South Africa remains a valuable partner of WADA, the extent of which transcends their support to hosting our office here in Cape Town.

“In November 2013, South Africa will host the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Johannesburg and we are confident that South Africa will deliver a successful and unforgettable event.”

The 4th World Conference on Doping in Sport at the Sandton Conference Center runs from November 12-15.