5 December 2012
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Say NO! to Doping at Floorball World Championships

The International Floorball Federation (IFF) ran WADA’s Say NO! to Doping awareness campaign at the World Floorball Championships in Switzerland.

The IFF has been utilizing the anti-doping program since 2010, and the Dec. 2-9 championships in Berne and Zurich was the ninth floorball event to run a Say NO! to Doping campaign.

It was run in co-operation with Swiss Olympics’ Cool & Clean doping prevention program, and allows local organizers of the event to show their support for clean sport.

“We all love our sport and the fight against doping is a fundamental part of competitive sports,” said Daniel Bollinger, Secretary General of the Swiss Floorball Association.

“I appreciate the new Say NO! to Doping campaign and the collaboration with Cool & Clean. The fight is against dishonesty, but it also emphasizes the importance of health and the credibility of sport.

“It is important to pull together, to inform people about the dangers of doping and to educate everyone on this topic.”

During the event players and spectators had the chance to play WADA’s Play True Quiz, a learning tool that offers prizes based on the participants' anti-doping knowledge.