8 November 2012

Recognition for Young Investigator Award winner

Faculty members of the Austrian Institute Sports Medicine, Alpine Medicine & Health Tourism recently celebrated the achievement of WADA’s Young Investigator Award winner Cornelia Blank.

Ms. Blank’s thesis, ‘Evaluation of Austrian Sport Physicians and Pharmacists’ knowledge regarding Doping Prevention in Sports’, saw her receive one of the four Young Investigator Awards given out this year.

She is pictured with her principal Univ. Prof. Dr. Christa Them, vice-principal Mr. Philipp Unterholzner Msc., and head of the institute and the department Univ. Prof. Dr. Med. Wolfgang Schobersberger.

The conclusions of her work encourage WADA and its stakeholders to include sports physicians and pharmacists more in the fight against doping, which requires they receive more anti-doping education of their own.

WADA has developed a resource specifically for this target audience, the Sport Physician Tool Kit, which is available here.