27 November 2012

Doping film wins documentary award

A film tracing some of the biggest doping scandals over the last 40 years has won a best documentary award at the Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs (FICTS) World Sports Film Festival 2012 in Beijing.

The War on Doping follows Prof. Arne Ljungqvist, WADA Vice-President and Chairman of the IOC Medical Commission, over a three-year period in the build up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The documentary explores the subject of doping controls, examines the war against doping and speaks to a variety of people affected by the issue, including scientists, lawyers, special agents, athletes and sponsors.

“The War on Doping portrays the true picture of the troublesome history of the anti-doping work back in the era of the cold war, and the progress that has been made since then, despite occasional set-backs,” explained Prof. Ljungqvist, an IOC honorary member and a former Olympic high jumper.

“Without knowing the history one cannot understand why we are where we are today, and will have difficulties in designing the right strategy for the future."

The film looks back on some of the most infamous cases of doping in recent history, including Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, women’s swimming at the 2000 Olympic Games, and the BALCO scandal in the United States.

Producer Bjorn Bertoft of independent production company Matiné Film & Television attended the FICTS festival in Beijing to collect the award.