18 October 2012
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WADA offers support on visit to Kenya

WADA President John Fahey used a recent visit to Kenya to re-emphasize the need for transparency and government support in helping to implement robust anti-doping programs in a nation renowned for its achievements in athletics.

During the visit Mr. Fahey, accompanied by WADA’s Regional Director for Africa, Mr. Rodney Swigelaar, met the Kenyan Minister for Sport, the Hon. Ababu Namwamba, as well as the Kenya National Olympic Committee President, Dr. Kipchoge Keino, and discussed recent cases and allegations of doping in the African nation.

In particular, WADA highlighted the need for an independent investigation into claims made by distance runner Matthew Kisorio, with the support of the Kenya Government, Athletics Kenya and Kenya National Olympic Committee (NOC).

The meeting with Minister Namwamba allowed WADA to fully assess the resources available for anti-doping in Kenya and the importance of the nation’s contribution to theZone V Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO).

Min. Namwamba gave an assurance that the Ministry and NOC would support the RADO, in particular with regards to testing and education, and recognized the offer of support given by Anti-Doping Norway.

The Minister was also in agreement that Kenya would make an application for funding from the UNESCO Voluntary Fund to develop anti-doping education programs for young athletes.

Many of the rumours of widespread doping in Kenya stemmed from an investigation by German television station ARD, and throughout his visit Mr. Fahey stressed the need for Kenya to address the allegations, and to deal with the problem if one existed.

Mr. Fahey emphasized at a press conference that there had to be transparency in all matters relating to the doping rumours, and that a full enquiry had to be conducted for the sake of sport in Kenya and the sake of sport across the region.