22 October 2012
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Focus on anti-doping education in Asia

The development and implementation of anti-doping education programs was top of the agenda at the recent WADA Regional Education Symposium in Shanghai.

Approximately 50 representatives from 24 countries attended the Oct. 17-18 event, which was hosted by the China National Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA) and opened by WADA President John Fahey.

Also in attendance were representatives from the five Asian Regional Anti-Doping Organizations and the Olympic Council of Asia.

Education is one of the key pillars in the fight against doping in sport, and this was an opportunity for the Asian anti-doping community to share ideas and information,” said WADA President John Fahey.

“It also allowed WADA to make an assessment of where Asian anti-doping organizations are in terms of education and how WADA can continue to assist them.”

The two-day Symposium consisted of an overview of WADA’s work in Asia, along with presentations on how best to develop and implement anti-doping education program. A series of breakout sessions provided the opportunity for countries to share ideas and develop education plans.

CHINADA and the Southeast Asia RADO provided a regional perspective on anti-doping education

“This Symposium had similar aims to the first one we held in Johannesburg earlier in the year, and that was to give our stakeholders in Asia some very clear direction with regards to anti-doping education,” said Rob Koehler, WADA Director of Education and Project Development.

Jennifer Sclater, WADA’s Education Manager and Kazuhiro Hayashi, Director of WADA’s Asia/Oceania Office were also at the event to facilitate a number of sessions.

“WADA had an Education Symposium in Kuala Lumpur in 2005 and it was very heartening to see how much further along our Asian stakeholders are in terms of anti-doping education programs,” added Mr. Koehler.

The next WADA Education Symposium will be staged in Montevideo, Uruguay, in April 2013.