20 September 2012

Athlete Committee discusses Code Review

WADA’s Athlete Committee gathered in St. Petersburg to discuss possible amendments to the World Anti-Doping Code.

Hosted by the Athlete Committee Chair Vyacheslav Fetisov, members were given a presentation on the Code Review Process and the recommendations received so far. Members used the opportunity to give their opinion on how the Code can be strengthened, using their experiences as past and present athletes to discuss aspects of anti-doping that may need change.

“The Code exists to protect the rights of clean athletes so it is vital that we utilize the depth of knowledge and experience that our Athlete Committee has,” said Mr.  Fetisov, a twice Olympic ice hockey gold medalist and former star of the NHL.

“They have been involved in anti-doping at the sharp end, they know what it is like to have a doping control officer knock on the door, what it is like to give a sample immediately after competition, and will therefore have insights on how the Code can cover athletes’ needs as best it can.

“Their contribution is most helpful, as are the Committee members’ efforts to spread the anti-doping message to their particular sports and regions, and relay back to WADA any anti-doping issues that may exist.”

With the deadline for the Second Consultation Phase of the Code Review Process approaching on October 10, the Committee Members were also asked to use their influence to encourage all athletes to take an active role in the process.

It was the second Athlete Committee meeting of the year following one in Tokyo in February.