7 June 2012

Bhutan hosts South Asia RADO

The Kingdom of Bhutan recently showed its commitment to the fight against doping in sport by hosting the South Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization’s (SA RADO) annual board meeting.

Attendees at the June 4-5 meeting were hosted by the Bhutan Olympic Committee, while the meeting was officially opened by the Secretary of Gross National Happiness Commission of Bhutan, Mr. Karma Tshiteem.

Mr. Tshiteem explained that Bhutan had recently started implementing anti-doping programs, and that Bhutan’s Government and Olympic Committee are fully committed to the SA RADO and the fight against doping in sport.

The board meeting focused on developing a new strategic plan for the SA RADO and also saw the election of Dr. Saroj Shrestha from Nepal as the new Chairman.

Further anti-doping issues were discussed at an Executive Seminar on Doping in Sport hosted by the Bhutan Olympic Committee on June 5.

It was attended by a variety of stakeholders in Bhutan, including national sport federations, the Drug Regulatory Authority, law enforcement and customs.

The seminar represented the start of an education and awareness campaign in Bhutan.

For more information on the South Asia RADO, please visit: www.sa-rado.org.