30 April 2012
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WADA statement on CAS decision for BOA by-law

Statement from WADA President, the Hon. John Fahey, following the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to reject the British Olympic Association’s (BOA) appeal against its non-compliance to the World Anti-Doping Code:

WADA acknowledges the decision of CAS to dismiss the appeal of the BOA against the decision of the WADA Foundation Board last November to declare the BOA non-compliant with the Code.

CAS has ruled that the BOA by-law imposing a lifetime ban from the Olympic Games is an extra sanction and is therefore non-compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code.

The decision totally rejects the BOA appeal and upholds the WADA Foundation Board’s declaration of non-compliance. The Board is comprised of BOA’s peers and colleagues from the sport movement (including athletes) as well as representatives of world governments.

The WADA decision was taken only after the full deliberation and consideration of independent legal advice and WADA regrets the many hysterical and inaccurate public statements from the BOA in the course of challenging the WADA decision.

WADA has spent the last decade harmonizing the fight against doping in sport across the world by creating one set of rules in consultation and in accordance with the wishes of all its stakeholders, both sport and government.

In order to achieve this harmonization, the rules have had to be proportionate and respectful of the rights of individuals within the framework of international law. They are not based on emotive arguments or the wishes of any one signatory or individual.

As with all signatories, the BOA has the right to make submissions to amend the Code through the Code Review Process that is currently ongoing.