24 April 2012
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WADA reminds ADOs of statistics obligations

WADA has reminded all Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) of their obligations with regards to the publication of annual statistics.

The provision of this information allows WADA to complete its required duty to publish a report of these statistics as outlined in the World Anti-Doping Code (Code).

Section 14.4 of the Code states that “Anti-Doping Organizations shall, at least annually, publish publicly a general statistical report of their Doping Control activities with a copy provided to WADA”.

Additionally, Section 14.5 states that “WADA shall act as the central clearing house for Doping Control Testing data” from Anti-Doping Organizations and “shall, at least annually, publish statistical reports summarizing such information”.

The ADO statistics are distinct from those submitted by WADA-accredited laboratories and therefore any discrepancies must be resolved between the relevant laboratories and testing authorities.

WADA is currently reviewing ways of improving the consistency of these two sets of figures in an effort to provide stakeholders with a more comprehensive view of global anti-doping activity.