4 April 2012

WADA invites proposals for 2012 Young Investigator Award

WADA has started the application process for its 2012 Young Investigator Award.

The Award is designed to encourage masters-level students to focus their area of research on anti-doping issues.

WADA will allocate four prizes of US$2,000 each for outstanding and innovative research projects that will contribute to the development of effective doping prevention strategies.

“Our aim is to promote anti-doping as a research topic amongst masters students and to get a younger generation of researchers interested in anti-doping,” explained WADA Director of Education and Program Development Rob Koehler.

“All research is valuable and we hope that some of the masters students maintain an interest in anti-doping as they develop their research careers.”

The winners of the inaugural scheme were an international mix from Singapore, France, Norway and Australia.

The deadline for initial applications for the 2012 Award is June 6, 2012.

For further information, please click here, or contact WADA’s Education Department at: ssr@wada-ama.org.