17 April 2012

Poland launches Say NO! To Doping campaign

The Polish Commission Against Doping in Sport has launched a Say NO! To Doping campaign that draws on the profiles of three well-known Polish athletes and the integration of WADA’s signature color green into sports training equipment.

The campaign was launched at a ceremony in Warsaw in early April and will run for the remainder of 2012 and throughout 2013.

As well as increasing public awareness as to the problem of doping in sport, the campaign plans to enhance the anti-doping motivation of the next generation of athletes in Poland and draw attention to the importance of anti-doping education.

The launch ceremony featured the Say NO! To Doping video clip and introduced the Polish version of WADA’s Coach True learning tool, which is designed to educate coaches in anti-doping.

WADA Athlete Committee member Katarzyna Rogowiec is one of the campaign’s ambassadors and the Paralympic cross-country skier is joined by twice Olympic rowing gold medalist Tomasz Kucharski and four-times Olympic speed skater Pawel Zygmunt.

“This is part of what I do on the international arena and elsewhere. I often meet with the young, talk to them about Paralympic sport,” twice Paralympic medalist Rogowiec explained.

“They ask me questions about doping, food supplements. There was a time when I did not know anything about them, and still there are athletes who do not know much - so education is very important.”

Rogowiec highlighted the need for coaches to become more aware of the dangers of doping to help them guide athletes with regards to making the right choices.

“I think coaches will use the Coach True program if meetings and training sessions are organized for them,” Rogowiec added.

“I remember attending an anti-doping conference at which Coach True was introduced and the coaches became very involved, especially with the quiz.”

The Polish Commission Against Doping in Sport also plans to introduce the Say NO! To Doping logo at a number of high-profile sports events in Poland.

WADA’s Coach True is a computer-based tool created to help coaches develop anti-doping expertise in the health the consequences of doping, accountability, results management, Therapeutic Use Exemptions, Whereabouts and correct decision making.