14 December 2011

Second Olympic appearance for Play True Generation

WADA’s Play True Generation Program will get another chance to reach out to the sporting stars of the future when it kicks into action at the first Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria next month.

Play True Generation was launched at the inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore last year (see picture) and will again look to educate young athletes on the dangers of doping. The Games run from January 13-22.

“This is another key opportunity to reach out to young athletes to help them understand that doping is not only wrong because it is cheating but it is also harmful to your health,” said Rob Koehler, WADA Director of Education and Program Development.

“We have a number of tools with which to educate both the athletes and their coaches and I am confident we will get a similar positive response to the one we had in Singapore to leave a lasting impression to reject doping.”

“Educating young athletes is a key opportunity to get doping-free messages across before they are exposed to doping.

“Research funded by WADA clearly identifies that one of the biggest deterrents for athletes to reject doping is strong moral beliefs and good ethical values. “

The six-strong team of anti-doping experts in Austria will again be led by WADA Education Manager Jennifer Sclater.

She will be joined by David Mϋller (National Anti-Doping Agency Austria), Daisuke Kobayashi (Japan Anti-Doping Agency), Karen Stepanyan (Armenian National Anti-Doping Agency) and Yona Walesi from Malawi, a former Olympian who now works as a coach.

The team will be utilizing the award-winning education tool ‘Play True Challenge’, which is available in 10 languages and enables athletes to explore the benefits of good training, good nutrition and hydration, and the consequences of doping.

Ms. Sclater and her team will also be using ‘Who Wants to Play True’, which allows coaches to demonstrate their knowledge of anti-doping. It is available in eight languages and comes from another award-winning WADA tool, ‘CoachTrue’.