10 November 2011

IWF launches anti-doping awareness campaign

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) targeted competitors from more than 100 countries at its world championships in Paris this week when it launched an anti-doping campaign based on WADA’s ‘Say NO! To Doping’.

Under the slogan ‘Lift CLEAN and Jerk’, the IWF became the 14th organization to embrace WADA’s awareness campaign and is supported in its efforts by former weightlifting champions Pyrros Dimas of Greece and Ms. Pawina Thongsuk of Thailand.

“Say NO! To Doping was designed so sports federations and anti-doping organizations could tailor it to create a campaign that suits their own needs,” said WADA Director of Relations for International Federations, Frederic Donze, who was in Paris to attend the launch during the IWF Congress.

“WADA is pleased that another International Federation has taken advantage of this tool and delighted that anti-doping awareness continues to reach more and more athletes.”

Athletes and their entourage who visit outreach centre during the world championships this week are able to take part in an anti-doping quiz, while WADA’s ‘At –A-Glance Series’ is available in English, Russian and Spanish.