6 October 2011
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WADA statement on CAS opinion for IOC Rule 45

WADA has acknowledged the advisory opinion of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) regarding the IOC’s Rule 45 and welcomes the precise direction it has given to the IOC and the sporting world in general, particularly with the next Olympics less than one year away.

There do not seem to be any changes required of the World Anti- Doping Code nor the accompanying International Standards, so there is nothing for WADA to implement as a result of this opinion.

CAS has come to the view that Rule 45 of the IOC Charter is not one of eligibility, and considers it instead to be a sanction additional to that imposed under the Code. We are certain therefore that the IOC will make appropriate changes to their Charter pursuant to the opinion to ensure Code compatibility.

The CAS ruling will clearly have implications for a number of athletes who are now eligible to compete in London 2012 provided they meet appropriate selection criteria. That of course remains the jurisdiction of the Olympic movement.

The Code is due to be reviewed in 2012-13 and there may be suggested changes to the Code made as a consequence of the opinion. If so they will form part of the consultation process with any changes to be approved at the next WADA world conference in Johannesburg in November 2013.