20 October 2011

Sudan joins world anti-doping community by signing UNESCO Convention

Sudan has become the latest country to declare its support for anti-doping by ratifying UNESCO’s International Convention against Doping in Sport.

The East African republic became the 161st member nation to sign the Convention, which is now the second most successful of all UNESCO conventions.

UNESCO is made up of 193 member states, and there remain just 32 that have not yet completed the process.

“WADA is delighted that Sudan has joined the anti-doping community, which continues to grow across the world,” said WADA President John Fahey.

“Sudan has added further support to the fight against doping in sport, and their commitment adds further credence to the ideals of WADA. “

A States Party that ratifies the Convention agrees to restrict the availability of prohibited substances and methods to athletes, and put in place measures against trafficking.

For more information about the Convention, click here.