29 August 2011
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WADA IT systems not compromised by alleged hacking

WADA has issued the following statement from its Director General David Howman:

“Following completion of a lengthy investigation into the alleged hacking outlined in the McAfee white paper Operation Shady Rat, WADA can confirm that there has been no compromise of its IT systems.

On publication of the white paper, WADA immediately contacted McAfee and, in conjunction with McAfee and its own security specialists, conducted a full search of all its systems.

A spare work station computer was discovered to have been breached; it was immediately quarantined, and all other remedial action taken. No intellectual property theft occurred.

As WADA stated August 3, 2011, nor has there been any compromise of the Anti-Doping Administration & Management System (ADAMS).

The ADAMS servers are located in a separate high-security section of the network completely segregated from the rest of WADA’s IT systems.

ADAMS is a reliable and convenient Web-based anti-doping clearing house currently used worldwide by over 115 anti-doping organizations and 30,000 athletes.”