18 August 2011

Statement on positive hGH test in Minor League Baseball

Statement from WADA Director General David Howman following the announcement that Mike Jacobs, a player for Minor League Baseball team Colorado Rockies, had tested positive for human growth hormone (hGH).

“This is a very significant development in the fight against doping in sport as it is the first positive test for human growth hormone (hGH) in the US professional leagues. It is yet further indication of the fact that the test works and that it should be used more widely.

“It is clear that hGH is one of the biggest threats to sport right now and has been for many years. Athletes have taken it with impunity because it was not detectable.

“WADA totally endorses the program of testing in Minor League Baseball, and trusts it will expand into the Major Leagues in the way foreseen by the NFL. The test is robust and reliable and I am confident it will play an increasing role in the efforts of professional leagues, and indeed in international sport in general.

“Athletes will know that they cannot go on abusing hGH and expect to get away with it. They should also keep in mind that under the World Anti-Doping Code it is possible to open disciplinary proceeding within eight years from the date an anti-doping rule violation occurred, and that stored samples can be reanalyzed.

“WADA will continue to support the pro leagues with their anti-doping programs in any way it can, and continue to impress international federations to follow this example.”