26 August 2011

Play True Challenge recognized at Serious Play Conference

WADA’s Play True Challenge has won a silver award in the 'Games for Good/Non-Profit' at the Serious Games Conference.

"WADA is very pleased with the recognition that Play True Challenge has received from the Serious Game Conference and the educational gaming community,” said Rob Koehler, WADA’s Director of Education and Program Development.

“We would like to thank Web Courseworks for working with us in the development of this interactive game and learning tool. Play True Challenge is a key tool in educating young athletes and young people in general around the world about the health, social and sport consequences of doping."

Play True Challenge is a computer-based simulation/game that was developed with Web Courseworks, that allows young athletes and young people in general to explore the types of decisions they may be faced with in regards to doping and the consequences of these decisions.

In addition to the award, Play True Challenge was reviewed for Serious Play Certification. This designation assures that a serious game offers a high standard of performance.

Jon Aleckson, PhD., CEO Web Courseworks  said, "The team at Web Courseworks is very proud to be a part of WADA's innovative efforts at reaching young athletes using game-based learning theory and video game mechanics.

"Being recognized by the serious game movement is more evidence that Play True Challenge is successful at creating a fun and immersive learning experience."

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