22 July 2011

JADO activities at the earth’s lowest point

Jordan Anti-Doping Organization (JADO) took advantage of an invitation from the International Fencing Federation to conduct a testing program at the World Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship on the banks of the Dead Sea.

Described by organizers as the biggest sporting event to be staged at the lowest point on earth – 400m below sea level – JADO’s Outreach team were also invited to educate 1200 athletes on anti-doping.

“JADO always makes sure it attends such events in order to spread awareness about the dangers of doping in order to keep our athletes and youth clean and to persuade them to play true,” said Ms. Seena Oma, head of education at JADO.

Coaches were encouraged to bring their athletes to the JADO Outreach zone to try the WADA Play True Quiz and watch a short WADA video on the process of sample collection.

Anti-doping flyers were also distributed and contestants in the Play True Quiz were put forward for a small cash prize at the end of each day.