19 May 2011
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Two more states ratify UNESCO anti-doping convention

WADA is proud to announce that the total number of UNESCO member states to have ratified the ‘International Convention against Doping in Sport’ has reached 158, following recent decisions by Uzbekistan and Gambia to commit their support.

The International Convention against Doping in Sport is now the third most successful of all UNESCO conventions, which shows a remarkable commitment and unified approach from countries across the world.

UNESCO is made up of 193 member states, leaving just 35 who have not yet completed the process.

“We applaud the decisions of Uzbekistan and Gambia to come on board in the fight against doping in sport,” said WADA Director General David Howman.

“It is a remarkable achievement for WADA’s ideals to develop an accord with 158 countries around the world and a credit to our Governments department.

“If ever anyone has doubt as to the worldwide commitment to our cause, they need only to look at this figure. It sends out a very strong message that the world is united in its desire to rid sport of drugs.”

Visit the UNESCO Web site for more information about the Convention.