20 January 2011
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Almaty Laboratory Latest to be Accredited by WADA

WADA's Executive Committee approved the accreditation of a new laboratory for anti-doping analysis in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhstan laboratory successfully completed the requirements of WADA’s accreditation process, which started in 2007. The objective of this accreditation process is to ensure that candidate laboratories meet the highest quality standards. This includes site visits, participation in WADA’s External Quality Assessment Scheme monitored by the Agency’s Laboratory Expert Group, and ISO assessment by independent accreditation bodies.

“We are pleased to welcome the Alamaty laboratory to the network of WADA accredited laboratories,” said WADA President John Fahey. “This laboratory will play an important role by fulfilling the needs for anti-doping analysis capacities in a region that was not previously serviced.”

Three additional laboratories, namely in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Doha (Qatar), and Mexico City (Mexico) have been accepted as candidates to enter the WADA laboratory accreditation process.

Click here for the list of 35 WADA accredited laboratories.