13 December 2010
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Statement from WADA President on Iljo Keisse Challenging his Suspension

Following numerous requests for comments, WADA issued the following statement from its President, John Fahey, in relation with cyclist Iljo Keisse challenging his worldwide suspension from racing.

Iljo Keisse has been banned for two years following a Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decision on 6 July 2010. This decision is valid worldwide and has not been appealed by Mr. Keisse to the Swiss Federal Tribunal. Instead it was brought to the Belgian Court that has, so far, not recognized the CAS decision. Thus, Mr. Keisse has been able to ride on Belgian territory as a result of an interim decision of the Belgian Court which has jurisdiction in Belgium only.

“WADA fully supports the International Cycling Union (UCI) who recognizes international arbitration, and we commend the enforcement of a final arbitral decision that was taken by CAS in accordance with the applicable rules and Swiss law. I am truly concerned of this rather unusual situation in Belgium as it constitutes a threat to the acceptance of CAS as the international sports court for all athletes, and is therefore, a direct affront to clean athletes, and the integrity of clean sport,” said WADA President. 

Following its policy, WADA will not comment further on pending procedures.