1 December 2010

Floorball Launches Say NO! to Doping Campaign During 2010 World Championships

The International Floorball Federation (IFF) is the fourth International Federation (IF), along with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), FIFA (football) and the International Archery Federation (FITA), to join WADA’s Say NO! to Doping Campaign.

Click here to watch IFF’s Say NO! to Doping video.

IFF will launch its Say NO! to Doping Campaign, in partnership with WADA and the Finnish Anti-Doping Agency (FINADA), during the 8th Men’s World Floorball Championships, in Finland, from December 4-11, 2010.

During the Championships, players will warm up using green floorballs (typically white).

Spectators will have the opportunity to join players at the IFF Say NO! to Doping stand where they can test their anti-doping knowledge by taking the Play True Quiz, pick up information about anti-doping and have their chance to win a green floorball by participating in the Best Clean Slapshot Competition.

“The Say NO! to Doping Campaign is a great opportunity to cooperate and spread the message of clean sport in a fun and interesting way as the players, spectators as well as different anti-doping organizations are involved in promoting clean and fair sport,” said IFF Anti-doping Manager Merita Bruun.

“We are pleased that IFF decided to join the Say NO! to Doping Campaign,” said WADA Director General David Howman. “The activities IFF is undertaking during the 2010 Men’s World Floorball Championship demonstrate their commitment to promoting education and awareness as a cornerstone to the fight against doping in sport.”

The Say NO! to Doping activities will be complemented by FINADA’s Clean Win Campaign.

Click here or more information about WADA’s Say NO! to Doping Campaign.