3 November 2010

WADA’s Children’s Books Available for Translation and Local Printing

WADA continues to offer its stakeholders its Choose Your Own Adventure anti-doping themed story books.

Stakeholders, who would like to receive books, should complete a request form, available upon request to info@wada-ama.org. Stakeholders need only cover shipping costs.

Stakeholders can also translate and print up to 3000 copies of each book without paying extra royalty fees to the publishers (these fees have been covered by WADA). Stakeholders wishing to print more than 3000 copies may do so but would have to pay US$0.45 per copy (over the 3000) to Chooseco.

In 2009, WADA partnered with Chooseco, the publishers of the Choose Your Own Adventure series of children’s books, to publish two anti-doping and sport values themed books. Always Picked Last (for readers 8-12 years of age) and Track Star (for readers 12 years of age and older) are available in English and French.

Click here for more information about the books.

For more information regarding ordering books and/or the process for translating and local printing, please contact us at info@wada-ama.org