9 August 2010

Archery Brings Say NO! to Doping Campaign to Youth Olympic Games

The International Archery Federation (FITA), in partnership with WADA, is the latest organization to join the Say NO! to Doping Campaign.

On archery’s official practice day during the first Youth Olympic Games, to be held in Singapore from August 14-26, targets with “Shoot Clean!” and “Say NO! to Doping” stickers for 9 and 10 point rings will be used.

FITA is the third International Federation to join the Say NO! to Doping Campaign. During the International Ice Hockey Federation’s (IIHF) World Championships, held in Germany in May 2010, players warmed up with green pucks. FIFA provided each team participating in the 2010 World Cup with three Say NO! to Doping balls.

“The aim of this campaign is to show FITA’s involvement in the fight for a clean sport, through a visible, modern and eye-catchy design. This campaign aims at heightening the awareness of every archer in the world, from beginners to top level, on the importance of shooting clean, with respect and fair play,” explained Chantal Steiner, FITA’s Anti-Doping Administrator. “Shoot Clean! is a short and clear motto, a positive and inspiring message that will easily remain in every archer’s mind when aiming at the target, should it be at home, in the archery club, or in the competition field. We want to give the campaign a personal archery touch.” 

WADA will be on hand during the practice session in Singapore to support FITA’s efforts and to provide athletes with anti-doping information.

During the Youth Olympic Games, athletes visiting WADA’s Play True Generation Center will also have the opportunity to show that they Say NO! to Doping. By completing the Play True Challenge, a computer game where players see the consequences of the decisions they make, and having their pictures added to the design of the booth, athletes will be rewarded with a green Say NO! to Doping football or basketball. Athletes will be encouraged to post pictures of the Say NO! to Doping balls in action on WADA’s Facebook page.

Visit WADA’s Facebook page during the Games to see pictures of the green targets and balls in action.