14 July 2010

One Month to Launch of WADA’s Play True Generation Program at the Youth Olympic Games

One month before the official launch of its Play True Generation (PTGen) Program at the first Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Singapore August 14-26, WADA has produced a teaser video for its activities at the YOG.

Through its Play True Generation Program, WADA is challenging young athletes, and young people in general, to be a generation that completely rejects doping in sport. Conceived in 2008, the Program provides a framework for young athletes, their coaches and entourage to be leaders in promoting and ensuring clean sport. It is a generation that believes that clean sport is one of the fairest and most powerful tools for positive change and growth—one that embraces fair play and respect.

Athletes visiting the Play True Generation Center, located in the Village Square at the heart of the Singapore Youth Olympic Village, will have the opportunity to accept the Play True Challenge – a computer-based simulation where players are confronted with choices about doping and the consequences of their choices. Visit WADA’s Facebook page to see athletes at the first African Youth Games pilot testing Play True Challenge in Morocco (July 12-15) .

Recognizing the influence that coaches and other members of the entourage have on athletes, WADA will also have a component of WADA’s newly launched CoachTrue, a computer-based anti-doping learning tool for coaches, available to coaches.

“The Play True Generation Program will be a unique experience for WADA and the young athletes attending these Games,” said WADA’s Director General David Howman. “This is our future generation of champions and sports leaders, and these young people will one day be at the forefront of the fight against doping in sport. The YOG is an excellent forum for engaging them in spreading the message of clean sport when they return home.”

Read More in Play True Magazine

The upcoming issue of WADA’s flagship magazine, Play True, will be dedicated to outlining the programs and tools the Agency has created for young athletes and young people in general. Read all about it late next week by exploring ePlay True, the online version of the magazine.