7 May 2010

Wayne Gretzky Part of the Say No! to Doping Community

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), in partnership with WADA, released a series of videos showing prominent ice hockey figures, including ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, spreading the Say NO! to Doping message.


WADA invites the public to join the Say NO! to Doping Community by visiting the new Say NO! to Doping section of our Facebook page. WADA will be present at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Germany (May 7-9) and will provide updates on its activities.

WADA challenges its Facebook Community to share pictures and videos showing their commitment to Say NO! to Doping. Visit facebook.com/wada.ama to upload your material and see what others are doing.

About WADA’s Say NO! to Doping Campaign
The Campaign is intended to provide sport and anti-doping communities with a tool to draw attention to the commitment of athletes to compete dope-free by incorporating green sporting equipment into sport venues.

Why green?
The color green, which represents WADA, evokes health, nature and, for many sports, the field of play. (Click here for WADA’s Logo Story.) Given that green is not a color typically used for sporting equipment, it will generate interest.

What is involved?
Say NO! to Doping was first launched in collaboration with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), whereby ice hockey players trained and warmed up using green pucks (normally black). Sport, anti-doping and major event organizations can get involved by having a piece of equipment that is integral to your sport produced in green with “Say NO! to Doping,” your logo and  the “in partnership with WADA” logo. You can also develop a brochure or video explaining the significance of the green equipment and outlining reasons for athletes to say no to doping and find opportunities, such as training camps or major competitions, to introduce athletes to the equipment.