28 April 2009
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WADA Statement on Retesting of Beijing Olympic Games Samples

Following the announcement by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of the completion of the retesting of a number of samples from the Beijing Olympic Games, WADA commends the IOC, once again, for its approach. Retesting of samples as science advances is a powerful weapon in the fight against doping in sport, as shown in a number of cases at the 2008 Tour de France.

The World Anti-Doping Code makes it possible to open a disciplinary proceeding within eight years from the date an anti-doping rule violation occurred. “We suggest that athletes who may be tempted to cheat keep this reality in mind,” said WADA’s President, the Hon. John Fahey. “We believe that retrospective testing serves as a strong deterrent.”

Following its policy, WADA will not comment on any individual case during the results management phase conducted by the IOC.