27 April 2009

Successful WADA Symposium for Anti-Doping Organizations

On April 21-22, WADA held its sixth annual Symposium for Anti-Doping Organizations, in Lausanne, Switzerland. The event hosted 225 delegates from National Anti-Doping Organizations, International Sport Federations, as well as other Anti-Doping Organizations.

During these two days, participants sought to collectively assess the current state of affairs in anti-doping, and review what additional tools and approaches may be available or developed to best combat doping in sport following the most recent revisions to the World Anti-Doping Code.

The symposium included presentations from a number of active Anti-Doping Organizations with unique experiences in new and emerging areas of anti-doping. Presentations were followed by panel discussions which engaged participants in discussions on the effectiveness of current anti-doping strategies and what fresh approaches and methodologies might be integrated into renewed quality anti-doping programs.