8 April 2009

FIFA and WADA meet to discuss anti-doping regulations

In a working meeting at FIFA headquarters on Monday between the Chairman of the FIFA Medical Committee Dr Michel D’Hooghe, FIFA Chief Medical Officer Professor Jiri Dvorak and the Director General of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) David Howman, WADA acknowledged the new FIFA Anti-Doping Regulations.

FIFA is of the opinion that in team sports such as football, it is sufficient to provide the whereabouts of a team, and not those of individual players, because players are most often with their team and are therefore easy to locate. The new WADA rules provide for such team whereabouts reporting and this direction, which reflects the different approach for teams, is welcomed.

The current FIFA Anti-Doping Regulations have been understood by WADA and will now be tested in practice, prior to reassessment for 2010. For all sports federations, this year is a period of evolution in the fight against doping, and it will be the practical implementation which is important now that new rules are in place.

In addition, WADA was pleased with the continuation both of FIFA’s efforts in the fight against doping and its many medical programmes. The importance of close collaboration between the two organisations, particularly regarding research and education, was underlined by both parties.

FIFA invited WADA to attend the FIFA Medical Network conference on 17-18 October and then the meeting of the FIFA Medical Committee on 19 October.