4 February 2009
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WADA Applauds Creation of Independent Anti-Doping Organization in the UK

WADA congratulates the United Kingdom for creating a new independent National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) with significant new powers by the end of this year.

On February 4, UK's Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe announced a 60% increase on the current NADO budget. The new NADO will in particular be responsible for the central management of doping cases and will have greater links with law enforcement agencies.

"This model is based on the evolution of the fight against doping in sport promoted by WADA," said WADA's Director General David Howman. "Law enforcement and government agencies possess investigative powers to attack the source and supply of illegal substances which sport does not have. In addition, the sharing of information between law enforcement and anti-doping organizations can be crucial in exposing anti-doping rule violations. WADA applauds the UK authorities for their strong commitment to doping-free sport and is looking forward to working with this new organization."