1 August 2008
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WADA Committee Vacancies 2009

Through WADA’s policy of rotation, there are vacant positions on our Committees each year. WADA is now seeking nominations or reappointments for such positions in preparation for 2009. These are - Athlete Committee (4); Education Committee (4); Finance and Administration Committee (2); and Health, Medical and Research Committee (4). Current composition of the Committees can be found here.

WADA invites its stakeholders to explore within their respective regions and organizations encouraging the submission of worthy candidates for consideration to these positions. Submissions should include an appropriate letter of endorsement as well as a curriculum vitae providing full information relating to the individual’s experience and expertise. All nominations should be forwarded to Ms Shannan Withers, Senior Manager, Executive Office (fax +1 514 904 8759 or email Shannan Withers) by Wednesday 17 September 2008.