25 July 2008
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The Americas Strengthen Support of WADA and the Fight Against Doping

During its most recent summit held in Montevideo (Uruguay), member countries of the American Council of Sports (CADE – Consejo Americano del Deporte) unanimously agreed to a new continental contribution formula that strengthens the financial commitment of the region to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the global fight against doping in sport. 

The agreement is a concrete example of the strong and increasing level of commitment on behalf regional governments to support the fight against doping and WADA activities, while concurrently allowing CADE to obtain funds for its operations. Through this agreement and thanks to CADE authorities and members, an outstanding issue such as the continental split of the annual contributions to the Agency has been solved and it constitutes an encouraging precedent of cooperation and joint work for the common objectives of healthy and doping-free sport. The new funding formula for CADE comes into effect in January 2009.

WADA is an equal partnership between the Sport Movement and Governments of the world. As such, WADA receives its funding from Sport and Governments in a 50-50 split. Governments agree on their share of the government portion of WADA’s contributions on a regional basis. For more information, click here.