9 June 2008

WADA’s Third Gene Doping Symposium to Consider Advances in Gene Transfer Therapies and Detection Methods, Related Legal and Ethical Issues

WADA is organizing its third Gene Doping Symposium in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on June 10-11, 2008, with the support of the Russian sport authorities.

Gene doping represents a threat to the integrity of sport and the health of athletes, and as the international organization responsible for promoting, coordinating and monitoring the global fight against doping in sport in all its forms, WADA is devoting significant resources and attention to ways to detect and deter gene doping.

This third Symposium, following on those held in 2002 in Banbury (U.S.) and in 2005 in Stockholm (Sweden), will provide an opportunity to receive an update on the latest research activities and developments, consider the boundaries between therapy and enhancement from both technical and ethical perspectives, and further address legal frameworks and law enforcement issues relating to gene doping. Attendees will include experts in gene transfer, scientists from the field of anti-doping, members of WADA's Gene Doping Panel (a group of international experts responsible for studying the latest advances in the field of gene therapy, the methods for detecting doping, and the research projects funded by WADA in this area), and ethicists.