28 April 2008

WADA Holds Third Investigations Symposium

Subsequent to the first two WADA Symposia on Investigatory Powers of Anti-Doping Oganizations held in Colorado Springs (2006) and in London (2007), WADA is hosting a third and follow-up symposium on May 1-2 in Sydney, Australia, with the support of the Australian government. This meeting will further the matters raised at the previous meetings and, in particular, review drafts of information-sharing protocols with a view to finalizing them for the benefit of enhancing strategies to combat doping.

WADA's investigation strategy, launched in 2006, is based on the recognition that doping controls do not catch all cheaters and that evidence gathered by enforcement agencies and others, shared in a legally appropriate manner, with anti-doping and sport authorities helps to uncover anti-doping rule violations that might otherwise escape detection.