16 January 2008

Registrations Now Open for WADA Media Symposium on February 27, 2008, in Lausanne

As announced previously, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will hold a symposium for journalists on February 27, 2008, at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

This symposium will be an opportunity for the media to hear from WADA's new President, the Hon. John Fahey, whose term began on January 1, 2008.

The year 2008 is an important year for WADA in many respects. It is the first year that signatories to the 2003 World Anti-Doping Code (Code)—the document harmonizing anti-doping rules and regulations across all sports and all countries—must officially report their status vis-à-vis Code compliance. In addition, following the unanimous adoption of the revised Code in November 2007 at the Third World Conference on Doping in Sport in Madrid, signatories also have to implement the necessary amendments in their rules prior to the coming into force of the revised Code on January 1, 2009. For their part, governments worldwide continue to ratify the UNESCO International Convention against Doping in Sport, the treaty through which they align their domestic policies with the Code.

And continued advances will be made this year in WADA's key priority areas including research, testing, education, coordination, anti-doping development, and cooperation with law enforcement authorities.

In light of these developments and activities, WADA invites all interested journalists for a day of interaction and updates about the Agency's work and mission, as well as the advances and the challenges in the fight against doping in sport.

Presenters will include:

  • The Hon. John Fahey A.C., WADA President
  • David Howman, WADA Director General
  • Dr. Alain Garnier, WADA Medical Director

To register, journalists are requested to contact before February 19, 2008, WADA Media Relations & Communications Manager Frédéric Donzé at frederic.donze@wada-ama.org and to provide the following details: Name; Title; Organization; Mailing address; E-mail address; Phone; Fax.