16 November 2007

World Conference: Daily Summary, November 16

The Third World Conference on Doping in Sport, organized by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) with the support of the Spanish High Council for Sport in Madrid (Spain), has brought together more than 1,500 representatives of public authorities, the Sport Movement, the anti-doping community, athletes, observers, and the media to review the major advances that have been made in the fight against doping since WADA’s inception in late 1999, and what strategies will be needed in the future.

As such, the chief topic of discussion this week is the Revised World Anti-Doping Code, the core document adopted in 2003 by the Sport Movement and Governments of the world as the framework for the global harmonized fight against doping in sport. The purpose of the revision is to leverage the experience gained to date and to strengthen anti-doping programs worldwide.

The World Conference is being held over a period of two and a half days, from November 15 – 17, 2007.

Summary of Day 2 (November 16)

Day 2 was dedicated to the Revised World Anti-Doping Code (Code) and interventions made by delegates from the Governments and the Sports Movement.

  • Code Review Process: The first session provided an overview of the process that was used to seek stakeholder input for revisions to the Code. WADA launched the review process in April 2006 in consultation will all stakeholders. Consultations extended over 18 months and involved 3 rounds of review with 3 successive draft revisions of the Code distributed to everyone for their feedback. In addition, proactive efforts were made to seek input from various stakeholder groups, which included some 40 individual meetings held and 70 presentations given. To ensure transparency, the process for participating in the consultations was made public via WADA’s Web site and in communications to stakeholders; and each draft revision of the Code was published online along with the official submissions made by stakeholders in response to the drafts (unless the stakeholder requested otherwise).

    Each of the 216 official submissions received was carefully considered in the context of making practical improvements to the Code and strengthening anti-doping programs worldwide. The final draft revised Code was published on October 15, in anticipation of the World Conference and the meeting of WADA’s Foundation Board on November 17, and is a result of contributions made by everyone who has respected and participated in the wholly transparent and inclusive process made available to everyone. Everyone with an interest in contributing to the improvement of the Code has had the opportunity to participate.
  • Interventions made by stakeholders: The rest of the sessions were dedicated to allowing stakeholders to make interventions regarding the Code and revisions. The interventions that have been made available to WADA will be posted on the World Conference Web site early on November 17.

Additional information in relation to the Conference can be found at www.wadamadrid2007.com, available in English, Spanish and French. Live Web casts and daily recordings of the plenary sessions of the Conference are also available from this Web site.