17 November 2007

WADA Board Selects The Hon. John Fahey A.C. as next President, Prof Arne Ljungqvist as next Vice President

The Hon. John Fahey A.C., former Finance Minister of Australia and a representative of Governments, was selected by the WADA Foundation Board to serve as its next President. Prof Arne Ljungqvist, IOC Member, Chairman of WADA's Health, Medical and Research Committee and representing the Olympic Movement, was chosen as the Vice President.

WADA’s Foundation Board members are nominated by each of the two sets of stakeholders—the Olympic Movement and Governments. At its meeting on November 20, 2006, WADA’s Foundation Board formalized in the Agency’s Statutes the principle of rotation in the president and vice president seats so that there will be an alternation of representation between the Sport Movement and Governments in the president and vice-president positions respectively.

WADA's current President, Mr Richard Pound, representing the Olympic Movement, was appointed as WADA’s president when WADA was created in November 1999. He was reappointed in 2001 and 2004 for two further terms, the latter to expire on December 31, 2007.

Mr Fahey and Prof Ljungqvist will serve a three-year term each, to begin on January 1, 2008.