September 11, 2007
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Draft Revision of the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemption

WADA is pleased to provide the recently revised draft International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), version 1.0, September 2007, for stakeholder review and comment.

The purpose of the International Standard for TUE is to ensure that the process of granting Therapeutic Use Exemptions is harmonized across sports and countries. This version has been re-drafted by the Code Project Team based on related feedback from the World Anti-Doping Code revision process and a TUE WADA working group proposal. As a result of this input, a revised version of the Standard (v1.0, September 2007) is available for review at the Web link below.

Based on the feedback received the principles and philosophy of TUE are well accepted and considered as useful. The only major issue concerns the Abbreviated TUE process, regarding the administrative workload generated. Consequently we draw your attention to section 8.0 (retroactive process) in particular, knowing that only minor modifications have been made to the rest of the Standard.

Furthermore, this draft has recently been discussed by the List and HM&R Committees, which proposed to consider another option in addition:

  • To apply the current draft (retroactive process) only to athletes who are not part of an international Registered Testing Pool and to require a full TUE for all substances for the athletes who are part of an international Registered Testing Pool.

Consequently we would be pleased if you could express your opinion and your preferred option from the following:

  1. The current proposal for a retroactive process, applying to all athletes
  2. The retroactive process, not applying to athletes who are members of an international registered testing pool and who will need a standard TUE
  3. No change to the current process of Abbreviated TUE.

The deadline for feedback on this round of consultation is October 15, 2007. Please submit comment to the WADA Medical Department by e-mail to:, or Fax: +41 21 343 43 41.

Click here for the draft revision.