July 30, 2007
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Play True Magazine Explores New Doping Detection Approaches

A new issue of WADA's flagship magazine, Play True, is now available.

This issue, titled Science; Honing in on Doping, is dedicated to the evolution of anti-doping research. It provides an in-depth look at WADA’s contributions to anti-doping research activities on a number of fronts starting in 2001, and at future perspectives in the field.

Among items featured are highlights from recent progress in the detection of doping substances and methods such as human growth hormone and gene doping; and a look at new approaches and strategic partnerships, including the development of the “Athlete Passport” concept, whose objectives are to track biological data from athletes over a period of time in order to identify abnormal profiles in the context of the fight against doping.

Click here to download a copy of Play True.