May 18, 2007
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World Conference Registration Now Available

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the third World Conference on Doping in Sport to be held in Madrid, Spain from 15-17 November 2007.

As you may recall, in 1999, following the first World Conference on Doping in Sport, governments and the sports movement founded WADA in response to the urgent need to intensify efforts to combat doping in sports. It was clear then that a global strategy that combined and coordinated the resources of both sport and governments was necessary to tackle the most significant problem sport has ever faced.

One of the most important tasks assigned to WADA by its constituent members following its creation was the mandate to develop the World Anti-Doping Code, a core document that provided for a framework for all anti-doping policies, rules, and regulations within sports organizations and among public authorities throughout the world. The Code’s development occurred in several stages over a number of years and followed an extensive consultation process. In early March 2003, at the second World Conference on Doping in Sport in Copenhagen, Denmark, delegates unanimously agreed to adopt the Code as the nucleus for the fight against doping in sport. The Code entered into force on 1 January 2004.

Three years of experience have shown the Code to be an effective tool. However, like any living document, it requires regular review. WADA has always undertaken to coordinate this work and launched a process of review in mid-2006, on a scale similar to the consultations that led to the Code’s initial adoption. The goal has been to build on experience to fine-tune the Code.

By the time this next World Conference in Madrid takes place, we anticipate that everyone with an interest in an effective fight against doping will have had ample opportunity to provide comment. A revised document will be made available prior to the Conference, and we hope that it will again meet with unanimous support from our stakeholders.

Since our inception, WADA has, in addition to the Code, made several noteworthy advances in our global campaign. At the Conference we will update you on our activities and our achievements, as well as our approach towards the future.

For full details on the Conference, please visit Due to space restrictions in the main plenary conference hall, we recommend early registration before 15 August 2007.

We look forward to seeing you and/or your colleagues in Madrid. With your help and attendance, this third World Conference on Doping in Sport will undoubtedly be another milestone in the history of anti-doping.


Richard W. Pound

David Howman
Director General