May 11, 2007
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Statement from Jean-François Lamour, WADA Vice President

Information published recently in certain media outlets is wrong and dishonest. These media outlets, the authors, as well as all those who repeat these lies will be subject to legal action.

The truth has been in the public domain for a long time. Each time that I have been asked about the facts, at the time and ever since, I have responded with complete transparency, as follows:

  • In 1987, a counter-analysis completely exonerated me and annulled the results of the A-sample that were performed by the Macolin laboratory in Switzerland. A laboratory that, following several similar errors harming other athletes, had its accreditation withdrawn by the International Olympic Committee several weeks later.

  • As for 1989, there is no truth behind any of the allegations. The substance in question has never been banned by the List of Prohibited Substances. In fact, the papers that had spread these untruths were condemned at the time.

The timing of these "revelations" is astounding: it is very strange to see reappear false reports surrounding events that took place 20 years ago, only a few days prior to the WADA Executive Committee and Foundation Board meetings, and in a decisive year for WADA's governance.

It is clear that this is more about a gross attempt to destabilize, not just me personally, but all of those who are committed to the fight against doping in sport, at the very moment in which its significant progress is becoming evident. I do not intend to be intimidated by the adversaries of the fight against doping and will continue the battle waged by WADA against the scourge of doping since its creation in 1999.