April 20, 2007
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Fifty Countries Have Now Ratified UNESCO Convention

Fifty countries have now ratified the International Convention against Doping in Sport, the international treaty formalizing their commitment to the fight against doping in sport which entered in force on February 1, 2007, under the aegis of UNESCO.

Prior to this Convention, many governments could not be legally bound by a non-governmental document such as the World Anti-Doping Code (Code), the document harmonizing regulations regarding anti-doping in all sports and all countries of the world, which entered into force on January 1, 2004. Governments accordingly drafted the International Convention under the auspices of UNESCO—the United Nations body responsible for education, science and culture—enabling them to align their domestic policies with the Code and thereby harmonizing sport rules and public legislation in the fight against doping in sport.

The Convention was unanimously adopted by the 191 States present at the General Conference of UNESCO in Paris, France, on October 19, 2005. It entered in force on February 1, 2007, following the deposit at UNESCO of the 30th instrument of ratification in December 2006—a threshold required by UNESCO procedures for this treaty.

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