September 20, 2006
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UK Sport 100% Me Program Reaches Out to International Rowers

UK Sport’s 100% ME Outreach Zone, which is modelled on WADA’s Athlete Outreach Program, recently hosted a successful outreach activity at the World Rowing Championships in Eton. At this major event the 100% ME program supported global efforts in education by providing access to information and resources, in over 14 different languages, to athletes from around the world.

The program was set up in an area with plenty of athlete traffic and with high visibility. Rowers and their support personnel were invited to take part in interactive activities, including playing WADA’s anti-doping quiz to improve their knowledge and understanding of anti-doping. The 100% ME team was on hand to answer any questions and discuss any issues with athletes. Also, as a visible symbol of their support for doping-free sport, rowers were able to pledge their support for fair and clean sport by signing the 100% ME banner. World class rowers from all over the globe, including Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Canada and China willingly pledged their support of doping-free sport.

“UK Sport continues to showcase their leadership around anti-doping activities by delivering athlete outreach programs throughout the UK,” said David Howman, Director General of WADA. “WADA applauds their efforts in reaching out to a global community of athletes and officials with their 100% Me Program.”

For more information about the UK Sport 100% Me program visit their website at

Athletes and officials visit the UK Sport 100% Me Outreach Program during the World Rowing Championships in Eton.